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My name is Ukhi and Yogyakarta is my home. Yogyakarta is one of the oldest royal seats of Java and therefore has a wealth of history, tradition, crafts and culture to offer.

I would be happy to share these with you and if you have time, to show you the wonderful ancient monuments of Borobudur and Prambanan as well as the scenic landscape of Mount Merapi and the surrounds.

Let me know when you will be arriving and I will be there to meet you and simply deliver you to your hotel or better still, be your personal driver and guide in and around Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Ukhi, Yogya Driver

He knows Central Java really well and is interesting to talk with.

visiting from the UK via Singapore

Driving Services

Borobudur Temple

Listing of Services and An Idea of Cost

I will customize my service to fit your interest and the time you have.

But before we go any further, I feel it's always good to have some idea of costs.

  • For me to meet and drop you off at a hotel in Yogyakarta, it would cost 70,000 Rupiah (US$7.00)
  • For me to meet and drop you off at a hotel in or close to Borobudur would cost 250,000 Rupiah (US$25.00)
  • For me to be your driver/guide for half day around Yogyakarta would cost 350,000 Rupiah (US$35.00)
  • For me to be your driver/guide for a day, which would give us time to tour Yogyakarta, Prambanan and Borobudur, would cost 450,000 Rupiah (US45.00).

Since August 2013 I have raised my fees because of the recent fuel price hike. These price guides are for a standard sedan that would comfortably seat 4 adults. If you have a bigger party, please let me know and I can arrange for a more appropriate vehicle and let you know the cost.

Please email or message or telephone me to discuss your visit; remember these prices are not carved in stone (like the Borobudur temple )

Sample Guided Tours

A Few Suggestions and An Idea of Time

You may already have a fairly good idea of what you want to do in and around Yogyakarta. If not, I would be happy to assist with suggestions.

Here are some rough ideas of what you can comfortably do within half or one day:

Prambanan Temple

Half Day

I could pick you up from your hotel in Yogyakarta, take you to the Kraton (Royal Palace) for an hour's tour, meet you after and go along to the Prambanan temple. In between, and if you are a coffee aficionado, we could go for the best Java Java at The Ministry of Coffee; and if you are interested in seeking out an antique kris, or stone carving, or a special batik sarong, I could take you to some extraordinary shops.

Dieng Countryside

One Day

I could pick you up from your hotel in Yogyakarta and show you around Yogyakarta - the Kraton, the Prambanan, coffee, some shopping, and then drive you through the beautiful Central Java countryside to Borobudur. The return trip to Borobudur, with two hours to enjoy the temple, will take the better part of half a day, but it will be well worth it.

Alternatively, we could spend the day visiting Borobudur and then walking up to Mount Merapi (provided it is safe to do so) or going to Surakarta (Solo), the other royal capital in Central Java.

So these are just some ideas but whatever you decide to do, you can depend on me to be on time and fully at your service.


If you would like a taste of living surrounded by padi fields of Central Java, you may perhaps like to consider staying in my village homestay.

Because I will be on hand to drive you, you can have the best of two worlds...the rich tourist sights and sounds of our busy historic cities and world heritage monuments; and the charm and serenity of village life.

I have two double rooms, each with their own bathrooms. They are simple and comfortable and come with a delicious local breakfast. And if you like, we can also cater dinner as my wife is an excellent cook.

As a rough guide, bed and breakfast for one night would cost US$25.00 but for a three-night stay, it would cost US$60.00.

Just let me know when making your transport booking. My family and I look forward to hosting you.

Ukhi's Homestay
Ukhi's Homestay
Ukhi's Homestay
Ukhi's Homestay


You may wonder about my website; how did this simple Yogyakarta driver/guide come to have this website. Well, the truth is that a regular client of mine from Singapore decided to help me…..

I cannot believe it is now some eight years since went live!

In 2010, I was working on a micro-banking project at Borobudur and visited regularly. Ukhi would meet me each time at Yogyakarta Airport and take me to Borobudur and then back at the end of my work trips.

As I got to know Ukhi better, I developed a great respect for his professionalism and integrity and his desire to do well by his family. This was why I decided to help him put together his website…

Fast forward to July 2018…it’s now more than eight years and is still providing a secure way for visitors to safely engage a reliable and professional driver-guide. At the same time it has enabled Ukhi and three others of his driver friends to obtain regular work and earn a steady income.

This past eight years of steady work from mouth to mouth recommendations and returning guests speaks volumes for Ukhi and his friends. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and dependable driver guide, I cannot recommend anyone better.

Wong Chia Lee
Ukhi's regular client from Singapore

We were recommended to use Ukhi by a friend who had visited Yogyakarta recently, and we were really pleased with our decision to use Ukhi.

Ukhi was at all times prompt, professional , honest, courteous and friendly. He is a very safe driver with a modern vehicle.

We made the basic arrangements by e-mail (although Ukhi’s written English is not as good as his spoken English) but we made day-to-day changes to fit in with the weather and our family’s energy levels. Ukhi was at all times accommodating and helpful.

He knows the areas well, but also understands what tourists want. He gave us excellent recommendations for eating, coffees and shopping. He also knows the best places to change money.

We are an Australian family, living in Malaysia. We have travleled widely in Asia and can confidently state that our experience with Ukhi was amongst the best travel experiences we have had in the Region.

Black Family

Arriving in Indonesia for the first time I was met at Jogjakarta airport by Ukhi. A friend had recommended him and I telephoned him with details of my flight.

From the first time I met him he was smiling and that's how I remember him throughout the time we spent together. He knows Central Java really well and is interesting to talk with. He drove me to Borobudur, around the surrounding countryside and back to the airport over the space of a few days. He was always punctual and a safe driver - I can't imagine him losing his temper or taking risks.

He was a mine of useful information and for example took me to a money-changing office where I got a far better rate than at Singapore airport.

I understand that another person who he drives for when they visit is helping him put this site together. I can understand their wanting to help. Ukhi is just a really nice guy.

visiting from the UK via Singapore


Ukhi, Yogya Driver

Here's How To Contact Me and Arrange for Service

To be met, whether at the airport, train station or your hotel, just message or email me at:

Mobile: +62-81-2158-9136

I would appreciate the following details:
Date of Meeting:
Time of Meeting:
Place of Meeting:
Number of persons:
Service needed:
For example, 'Pick-up and drop-off at hotel in Yogya' or 'pick up from Borobudur hotel to Airport, with half day tour of Yogyakarta in between'.

If you are arriving by air,
Flight No:
Estimated time of arrival:

If you are arriving by train,
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Looking forward to meeting you soon!